Ivanhoe CambridgeICSC Conference series display

Project Overview

Commercial real estate firm Ivanhoe Cambridge wanted to add some "digital wow-factor" to their booth at the ICSC conference series. In conjunction with Mavrick Displays and Loerchner.com Inc inc, we created a dynamic series of interactive displays that showed off their properties, and also facilitated the sales team.

We created an array of video displays which could be controlled on site by staff using a custom content management system. Each of these displays could also be used to deliver key messaging on the fly, regarding major meetings, client recognition, etc. Each of these displays could also be controlled by sales staff on the floor using their ipads for use in displaying floor plans for sales facilitation.

Project Details

Ivanhoe Cambridge
Experiential Marketing, Dynamic Data Listing, Sales Facilitation, Touch-interaction, Video Display,
Release Date
May, 2013

Specific Case: 3D Globe Interface

The 3D Globe Interface we created for Ivanhoe Cambridge sits at the front of their display. As the point of initial interaction it sets the stage for subsequent exchanges. The globe dynamically lists Ivanhoe Cabridge's vast global property listings, and displays them on a 3D globe. Each property listing contains photos, key data such as demographics, and allows the user to brows floor plans of the site. Users can also email them selves this property information from within the kiosk, which also puts them in direct contact with the associated sales member for that property. The interface also contains general information about Ivanhoe Cambridge, and gives an opportunity for users to submit general questions about an array of topics.