Intel CanadaSwitch Up - Game Experience

Project Overview

Intel Canada brought a unique challenge to our table: how can we create a 2 player game experience that illustrates our hardware and gives the user hands on experience with the benefits of an Intel processor. Our Answer? Intel Switch-Up!. Switch-Up! is a head-to-head game where players face a simple challenge: Click a bubble, and it splits into two smaller bubbles. The game is a Race to the finish. The first user to get the qualified amount of bubbles wins the round. The users then switch computers, and race again. By experiencing both computers they get a hands on way of relating to graphic performance, and CPU load. After experiencing each computer, the overall winner would be given an instant win prize which was drawn digitally from a prizing pool.

Project Details

Intel Canada
Game Design, Experiential Marketing, Instant Prizing, Interactive
Release Date
Summer, 2011