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Laundry Line Studio is a full service creative house that has been facilitating creativity, design, and communication in Toronto for over 9 years. We specialize in tailor-made digital, experiential, and print communication. We are also create clothing, build sets, paint murals and perform any other creative services you can think up. Basically if you need creative people, you need laundry line studio. Our passion lies in finding unique solutions to unique opportunities. No matter the scope of your project, we will find an approach that meets your needs, and budgetary requirements.

Let us help tell your story.


Graphic Design

Either destined for page or pixel, we create designs that let your content shine. We do everything from document setup, to full illustration services.

Web Design

Dynamic Responsive web pages for desktop, tablet, or mobile. Stand out on the web with a fresh approach to web-based communication.

Motion Graphics

We can fulfill all your motion graphics needs from simple editing jobs and audio composition, to full video logos, or 3D renderings.

Game & App Development

Whether you want to launch your own App store hit, or just create a mini-game to accompany your promotion, we’ve got you covered.

Cutting-Edge Interactive

We love working with new technology. From touch screen to gesture controlled interfaces, augmented or virtual reality: the sky is the limit.

24/7 support

We are happy to offer 24 hour support on requested jobs, from crucial website launch supervision to on-site staffing for events technical support.

Specialty ServicesSpecialty

Virtual Reality

Imagine putting on a pair of glasses, and stepping into another reality. Let us be your guide to that world. We are ready to help you develop virtual reality applications for any platform, from Occulus Rift to Google Cardboard.

Augmented Reality

Enter a world of magic, where characters from your favorite comic book can leap from the page and enter 3D space. Where pointing your smart phone at an image of a building is your all access pass to view 3d models, and walkthroughs. This is the world of Augmented Reality. Powered by mobile devices, we can take any real-world surface and use it as an interface to deliver rich digital content..

Gesture/Computer Vision

When touch screens and controllers just won't give you the whole experience, let the power of motion tell the story. We can use everything from eye-tracking, to hand gestures, to multi-person spacial tracking to build custom interfaces that suit your needs. Make an impact by getting your customers moving to create a memorable experience. We can build interfaces that connect with everything from simple web cams, to depth-image cameras like the Microsoft Kinect.


Drop us a line to start a dialog. We are happy to provide consultations and chat about project possibilities. Let us know what you would like to create, and we'll find a way to make it happen.